A New Book By Riddleme


With the legalizing of Medical Marijuana in the USA several things have happened. Most good, but some bad as well. One of the bad things was that black market growers/dealers came out of the underground and opened dispenseries all over the legal states. The medical market place is rife with improperly grown, improperly harvested, improperly cured marijuana being pawned off as medicine.

Here in Colorado, the local testing labs have found false THC claims, pesticides, molds, salmonella, and heavy metals in most samples tested. It has been in several TV news reports along with other problems as our state figures out how to properly regulate this new industry.

Don't get me wrong, there are dispenseries that actually care, but how do you as a patient know who to trust? Well the truth is this plant is very easy to grow and there is the right way and the black market way of growing it. In this new book I will show you the right way. I will dispell the myths associated with growing this wonderful plant and teach you how to get the most out of your medicine.

  • Happy Plants don't stink !!!
  • Happy Plants are more potent !!!

Yes it's true! You can ask any of the hundreds of patients that I have helped learn how to properly grow this plant. The best part is, once you learn the truth, you will know who is a caring grower and who is a black market grower. Just by asking the right questions or making a true statement you will see the black market growers vehemently deny what you are saying. The hype and myths that surround the growing of this plant abound, they are illogical and confusing at best. Don't get caught up in the nonsense, learn the truth and easily grow your own medicine.

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